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The boys of Aerosmith Rocks came to our club for a New Year's Eve bash and really played their hearts out, giving us the multi-decade experience that *was Aerosmith.

They looked great, sounded great and were very professional.

We would be glad to have them back any time. Keep up the fantastic work boys, and best of luck in the new year!!
Posted By: Jim
Owner/Operator, Reckles Bar, Fort McMurray, AB
Got to see Aerosmith Rocks live and they were great! Highly recommend to any Aerosmith fans out there!

They won't disappoint :)
Posted By: Michelle
Edmonton, AB
We had the pleasure and privilege of having Aerosmith Rocks in our club, Reckless in Fort McMurray, December 30 and New Years Eve 2011.

Firstly, they kill. They have that same "nastiness" as Aerosmith does when they play live. There are no weak components, or weak moments. From the first intro sequence, to the last note of the encore, they delivered powerhouse rock and roll for ninety minutes without letup.

They take you on a well thought out musical journey, and you never have to say I wish they had played.....They play it all.

After they left, there was definitely a void there, I so wanted them to be playing their music just one more night. Secondly, they are all extremely talented players in their own right, and could fit in with ANY contemporary musical group regardless of Genre. Danny Deane is a tour de force, as Steven Tyler, with costume changes and attitude and vocal pyrotechnics.

Thirdly, they are just good guys. Zero attitude, super nice to the staff, and patrons, and management.

We will so have them back, again and again for years to come, only next time they are playing for three nights. Book them go see them, if you just miss rock and roll, without fluff, or pretense, these are the guys for you.

Long live rock, long live Aerosmith rocks!
Johnny, Jimmy and Gar
Posted By: Staff @ Reckless Fort McMurray
Reckless Bar, Fort McMurray, AB
You know the saying "you have to see it to believe it"? Well I saw and I believe! Aerosmith Rocks pays the highest honor and tribute to a legendary band, hitting every chord and note with precision and brilliance. Even Danny's stage presence, dance moves and screaming vocals pay the best homage to the great Steven Tyler. They played for 90 minutes straight - and I didn't sit down once! Absolutely amazing, can't wait until next time and trust me, I will make sure there is a next time ;)

They brought out their Toys In The Attic, killed the Rats In The Cellar, took away that Jaded feeling, made me feel like the Last Child in the room and gave us nothing but Sweet Emotion - what more is there to say?
Posted By: Crystal Hodges
Grande Prairie, Alberta
We had the pleasure of having Aerosmith Rocks at our venue on February 4th 2012. I was blown away!!! A tremendous authentic recreation of one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Danny and the guys were an absolute pleasure to work with, and I hope to see them grace our venue again!
Posted By: Chris Dozorec
Production Tech @ Rockies Bar & Grill
With lead singer Danny Deane, you don't have to close you eyes to believe you really have been transported to a live Aerosmith concert complete with Tyleresque mannerisms. Flamboyant as Tyler himself, Deane had everyone dancing in front of the stage or in the aisles as the group rocked it old school.

Aerosmith Rocks covered three decades of classic rock with smokin' performances by Scott Oakley on lead, Dan Parker on rhythm guitar, Gordon Grand on bass guitar and Duane Franklin on drums. From Pink to Dream On, Deane in his big hats and tight jeans had the ladies swooning for his attention and the guys screaming along to the lyrics. Just as things started to heat up - they left the stage.
Posted By: Darcy Nybot
Gonzo Online Correspondent
If you want a more authentic Aerosmith experience, you need to see Aerosmith....20 years ago.

Have a look on Youtube and you'll find all the Aerosmith tribute bands that kind of look the part, but only kind of. They sing the songs, but don't sound much like the Twins at all. Sorry, but if you haven't got Tyler's voice, you're just a bar band playing Aerosmith. And Danny Deane isn't an imitator, he's a cyborg programmed to BE Steven Tyler!

Aerosmith Rocks is in a completely different league! This is as close as you can possibly get to the real thing without listening to Steven Tyler's hips click when he walks! AR is an absolute MUST for any fan of Aerosmith! It's like seeing the originals, up close and personal. Their sets are always current and evolving, constantly adding new music while treating the crowd to all their favourites.

There is NO better Aerosmith experience in the world today! If you pass up a chance to see Aerosmith Rocks, we come for your big ten inch!
Posted By: Randy

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