"Chiquita" Video Released

"Chiquita" Video Released


Homage To An Original

Aerosmith Rocks have a newly released video for the demo of Aerosmith's "Chiquita", that features a near shot-for-shot recreation of the original Aerosmith video. Shot within their rehearsal facilities at WSO Farms, the band recreates the same vibe as the original 1979 release. "We studied that video scene by scene" explains lead vocalist Danny Deane "this is a pretty deep cut. For those that do know the song, we wanted to demonstrate that we really knew our Aerosmith lineage and show we knew this track inside out"!   

Showing Their Roots

The track, found on Aerosmith's 1979 release of "Night In The Ruts", shows that the boys don't just cover the pop songs & ballads. "It was really important for us to do a very accurate version of this track, both with the video and with the recording of the song".

Deane engineered & produced the track in his StudioB recording facility in Victoria, Canada. "We went for an incredibley authentic sound on that recording. for anyone who takes the time to explore some of our side work & pet projects like this, we wanted to demonstrate that we really had a handle on the bands origins and various changes in sound and style over the years".

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